A Community with a Team Selected for their Expertise, Stellar Reputation and Quality Residential Development.

From the architectural design, to the quality of craftsmanship, our Oahu-based development team is focused on creating neighborhoods that are designed to cultivate connected life experiences. Believing that decisions made are not just for today; the choices made will leave a legacy for those who follow and create new footprints.

Inspired by the Concept of Unlimited Connections

Hokupaa, or the North Star, never sets and appears fixed in the night sky as earth’s north celestial pole. The star proved to be an invaluable guiding maker for the ancient Polynesians in their voyages across the Pacific to Hawai‘i. Those voyages are perpetuated still today, taking on new challenges and opening ourselves to insight and knowledge, the challenge to learn – to inspire our children. It is a spiritual connectedness – exploring great experiences, and living in a healthy, balanced, sustained place. Geographically positioned at the center of the 14 navigational points on the eastern side of Oahu, between the northeast and southeast horizons, this neighborhood is inspired by the concept of unlimited connections. Aunty Verlie Malina-Wright, of the Pacific American Foundation, proposed the name Hokupaa for our community based on inspiration during her blessing of the aina. This begins our voyage into the future, for families and friends who will be connected for generations to come.

The Visionaries

The Oahu-based development team, Paul Shinkawa and Henry Amado, who provide years of combined project management experience, understand the requirements to support today’s urban and rural environments. Both visionaries, Mr. Shinkawa and Mr. Amado combine their years of business acumen to mark the quality and value of our product for home buyers.

Maryl Group Construction has earned its reputation for master planned communities and residential homes over the past twenty five years and has joined the Team as the General Contractor.




This team is focused on creating a neighborhood in proper order and balance, with respect to what is right and responsible for lives and the land. Decisions made are not just for today, but choices that will leave a legacy for those who follow.

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